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Vendors/ Landlords

Friendly, expert service for landlords.

At Bagley Rentals we strive to offer you the best friendly service available in the letting and full management of your property. We are a forward-thinking independent family company with experienced and professional staff who have a sincere commitment to customer service and a strong interest in quality residential property and long term happy tenants.

Management Fees

10% for 1 property under full management

9% for 2-9 properties under full management

8% for 10 or more properties under full management

Charges (when applicable)

£150 initial set up fee for a new property

£100 changeover of tenancy

£250 dis-instruction of a property with a Bagleys tenant in situ (no charge for vacant property)

£1,000 for the sale of the property to the tenant or an existing Bagleys investor

Essential services covered by the above fees:

  • All advertising costs
  • Drawing up individual details of your property and displaying colour photographs and details in our shop front
  • Having a 'To Let' sign erected
  • Accompanying potential tenants to your property
  • Interviewing and determining the suitability of prospective tenants
  • Taking up employer / accountants / landlord / previous landlord references and credit checks
  • Drawing up tenancy agreements
  • Compiling a clear and accurate Inventory of all fixtures fittings and decorations with their condition
  • Advising all services and authorities of in-going tenants
  • Negotiating further rental increases
  • Supervising the daily management of your property and dealing with tenant's problems
  • Dealing with reported maintenance problems and repairs
  • Monthly collection of rents and paying monies directly into your nominated account
  • Carrying out inspection visits and advising you in writing of the condition of the property
  • Carrying out a final inspection visit to check on the condition of the property, furniture and gardens
  • Agreeing any dilapidations

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