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The application process - made simple.

If you are interested in applying for the property collect an application pack.

Please note that if you have low income income or have bad credit you will need an employed guarantor with good credit earning a minimum of £15,000 per annum. Please see the "What Rent Can I Afford" table below for a list.

Monthly rentApplicant minimum salaryGuarantor minimum salary
£400 £12,000 £15,000
£450 £13,500 £16,200
£500 £15,000 £18,000
£550 £16,500 £19,800
£600 £18,000 £21,600
£650 £19,500 £23,400
£700 £21,000 £25,200
£750 £22,500 £27,000
£800 £24,000 £28,800
£850 £25,500 £30,600
£900 £27,000 £32,400
£950 £28,500 £34,200
£1,000 £30,000 £36,000
£1,250 £37,500 £45,000
£1,250 £45,000 £54,000

Initial Holding Deposit Receipt Form


Tenant Name:  ______________________________

Current Address:  _____________________________________________________________________

Contact Number: ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­____________________________

Prospective Property Address: __________________________________________________________

DEADLINE FOR AGREEMENT: ____/____/2019  - 6 weeks from the date of this form

Amount Paid as Initial Holding Deposit £­­_________- 1 weeks rent

(see Terms and Conditions on rear)

Provisional Move In Statement

Deposit (5 weeks):                                          £­­_________

One month rent in advance                             £­­_________

Sub Total                                                       £­­_________

Minus holding deposit                                    £­­_________

BALANCE DUE ON MOVING DAY        £­­_________

Special Conditions Requested By Prospective Tenant Eg carpets cleaned, pet permission





Signed (Tenant 1) ______________________ Name:________________________ Date: ___/___/2019

Signed (Tenant 2) ______________________ Name:________________________ Date: ___/___/2019

Signed (Agent)     ______________________ Name:________________________ Date: ___/___/2019

Terms & Conditions For Holding Deposit

The holding deposit shall be refunded to the tenant within 7 day in any of the following circumstances:

  • If the tenant takes up the tenancy by the deadline for agreement date
  • If the offer is not accepted by the Landlord
  • The Landlord withdraws the property
  • The Landlord does not agree with the SPECIAL CONDITIONS requested by the tenant


The holding deposit WILL NOT be refunded in any of the following circumstances:


  • Whereby the tenant provides false or misleading information on the application forms. Eg failure to declare credit problems, pets, any attempt to falsify references
  • If the tenant does not have a legal “Right to Rent” under the Immigration Act 2014
  • If the tenant fails the referencing checks due to adverse credit (eg missed payments, CCJs, Bankruptcy) they will be asked to provide a guarantor earning a minimum of 36 times the rent and having clean credit.  If the tenant is unable to provide a guarantor, the holding deposit will not be refunded.
  • If the tenant fails, their existing landlord reference, eg rent arrears, damages.
  • If the tenant cannot meet the minimum affordability.  The minimum income MUST be 30 x the rent.  Eg £600 x 30 = £18,000 per annum income
  • If the tenant withdraws from the property
  • If the tenant fails to take up the tenancy by the deadline for agreement date (unless a different deadline for agreement date has been agreed by all parties)
  • If the tenant makes additional requests such as permission to keep a pet, wanting permitted occupiers, wanting the landlord to provide additional items not already offered, specialist cleaning etc which is then refused by the landlord.  ALL REQUESTS SHOULD BE ASKED BEFORE YOU MAKE THIS APPLICATION.

I/We confirm we have read and understood the above terms and conditions.

Signed (Tenant 1) ______________________ Name:________________________ Date: ___/___/2019

Signed (Tenant 2) ______________________ Name:________________________ Date: ___/___/2019

Once all employment credit checks and references have come back satisfactory you can then "set a move in date".

Meet with Sarah or Nikki to sign the contracts and particulars.


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